A&C Offsite - Camping Angel Island

April 20, 2015

Once in a (rare) while we're able to find one magical day where we aren't out on production or holed up in our edit suites, and we're able to get out and do what we all love so much: EXPLORE. A few weeks ago we packed only what we could carry and headed off to an unknown destination, with only one person knowing the end location and navigating our bike ride. We soon found ourselves on the ferry leading to Angel Island!

We were lucky enough to get the most scenic of campsites, making us feel like the kings and queens of the mountain. Once we settled in, we relaxed and laughed our hours away with NSFW card games, gourmet boxed wine, and, of course, steak tacos! When the sun went down, the headlamps came out, which inspired some light drawing. Then we all snuggled up with full bellies and happy minds, remembering that this was just a normal monday at Avoacdos and Coconuts.