May 04, 2018

1 thing you still have from your childhood?

An obsession with the moon.

Spirit animal?

Alaskan Malamute.

Something you like to do outside of work?

Shoot strangers (with camera).

Hidden talent?

Baking sweet potato ginger pies.

Dream job other than working in film?

Sole proprietor of a tiny bar focused on music, fine cocktails, and conflict resolution.

One short dinner with anyone living or dead?

Taco truck with Malcolm X.

Favorite scent?

Hinoki cypress.

Ideal meal?

Mom’s nikujaga, steamed rice, and a side of greens.

If you were a juice what would be in it?

Ginger and lime.

First job?


What would your DJ name be?

Jade Owl.

Favorite possession?

Hmm… it’s a tie between a Leica and an old pair of Redwings.

Best way to eat an avocado?

In Zanzibar, halved, the pit spot filled with a vinaigrette, eaten with spoon.