April 13, 2018

1 thing you still have from your childhood?

I still have my body.

Spirit animal?

Trash Pigeon.

Something you like to do outside of work?

I really enjoy yoga and chatting and reading oversized art books in public.

Hidden talent?

Making things awkward, orr... maybe that's not hidden.

Dream job other than working in film?

A grocery co-op.

One short dinner with anyone living or dead?

One short dinner with Goya.

Favorite scent?

GG park at 4:40AM.

Ideal meal?


If you were a juice what would be in it?


First job?

Bus boy at Russ' in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What would your DJ name be?

DJ Struggs.

Favorite possession?

My bicycle.

Best way to eat an avocado?

Perfectly Ripe.