FEATURE FRIDAY: Gabby Occhipinti

April 01, 2022

1 thing you still have from your childhood?

The sense of panic from losing my mom in the grocery store.

Something you like to do outside of work?

Reading fiction outside in the sun.

Hidden talent?

Animal translator

Dream job other than working in film?

Being famous enough to make passive income off of my early-career-sitcom’s reruns but not famous enough to have to attend red carpets or be canceled.

One short dinner with anyone living or dead?

Jake Gyllenhall… I just have some questions.

Favorite scent?

Orange groves or the apple cinnamon tea specifically from Cafe Dulce on USC's campus.

Ideal meal?

A really good piece of sourdough bread with butter. slaps.

If you were a juice what would be in it?

Whatever goes into a piña colada.

First job?

1st paid job was a production intern at a radio station. I did many an unpaid job before that. :-)

What would your DJ name be?

I would literally never be a DJ.

Favorite possession?

Don’t make me choose between my dozens of oversized thrifted crew neck sweatshirts c’mon.

Best way to eat an avocado?

Mashed into a creamy avocado-pesto-gnocchi